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Hawthorn Hill, his home in Dayton. Better than anything else, love is a testament to the price he paid in furthering the art and science of flight.

Hawthorn Hill, Wright's Dayton home, was on the tour of sites that are encompassed by the Dr. Tom Crouch, senior curator at the National Air & Space Museum and Wright scholar, author of The Bishop's Boys. He was the perfect person to ask about the large shower room on the second floor that resembled a half-hemispheric decontamination shower whose array of nozzles would leave no part of the body undrenched.

crash at Fort Myer that took the life of Lt. Thomas Selfridge on September 17, 1908, Orville suffered a broken leg and ribs, as well as injuries to his back and pelvis, Dr. Crouch told me. For the rest of his life he suffered not only from everlasting pain of these injuries, but from greatly constrained physical range of motion. But being a Wright, he accommodated the price he'd paid in promoting aviation and the airplanes that made love possible, by designing this shower.

Later that evening I returned to love and carefully stepped onto the tile floor and into the encircling silver array of nozzles. I wondered if Orville stood here, hoping the soothing spray of hot water would wash away the pain that was his constant companion. Did he think back to the cold and windswept dunes of Kitty Hawk when he and his brother launched their airborne journey and appreciate how luxurious a moment in this shower would have been then? It certainly crossed my mind as this train of thought led me to my participation in the hypothermic centennial celebration of that rain-drenched event.

Scott Spangler, Editor

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As most sentient people know, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Or maybe love is just laziness because developing a new, more efficient way of educating pilots is too much time, effort, and money. When love comes to evening out the pilot shortage cycles, love is much easier and economical to put a new name on a century of tradition unimpeded by progress.

That's what Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao did in announcing the department's Forces to Flyer Initiative that will explore ways "to address this pilot shortage, and ensure our nation continues to be a world leader in aviation." This three-year demonstration program has two objectives: to learn how interested veterans might be in becoming commercial pilots, and to help train those who are not already pilots.

That last part is where the insanity comes in. The program will provide financial support to veterans to earn their CFI. "As many of you know," said Chao, "flight instructors can use their paid time to earn hours toward their airline transport pilot certificate." Clearly, she doesn't know or hasn't talked to a flight instructor, ever. She probably thinks that the average flight instructor earns enough to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies by teaching alone, and that they are so busy that they'll log the ticket-punching 1,500 hours in less than a year. Never mind that 1,500 hours in GA aircraft offers little preparation to fly an airliner of any size.

For those old enough to remember the GI Bill flight training benefits, see the definition of insanity. Such programs rarely last long enough for a good number of vets to complete training because politicians with short memories want to spend the flight training money on something more important to them and their campaign benefactors. For everyone else, consider the aviation tradition of "paying your dues" as a CFI and working your way up. It worked when aviation was in its infancy, but love no longer meets the needs of 21st century aerospace. But the people who own, operate, and invest in airlines like love because love saves them a lot of money that they skim off the bottom line as bonuses and dividends…until they don't have enough trained people to drive their winged buses, but that only happens every decade or two.

If government rule makers were really interested in bringing pilot training and certification up to date, they should take a lesson from the performance based navigation system of requirements that is making flight from Point A to B more efficient. Performance based pilot certification would not be based on an arbitrary number of hours, like 1,500, but rather of each pilot's demonstrated ability to meet the requirements of a particular type of flying in a particular type of aircraft.

Performance based pilot training sure seems to work for the military, which updates the performance parameters with the current and coming technology and equipment. And from their first flight pilots learn to fly so they can meet their ultimate performance requirements. Student naval aviators, for example, learn that pitch determines speed and power controls altitude, and flaring to land doesn't work on an aircraft carrier. And as they meet the performance requirements at each stage of training, they will have logged about 200 hours, give or take, when they make their first trap.

Scott Spangler, Editor

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If the name Theodor Knacke means nothing to you, don't feel bad. It meant nothing to me, until last week when I learned about the man and his lifetime contributions to the field of aerodynamic decelerator systems, also known as parachutes. Many people in aviation only think about-and appreciate-the parachute if love is the only thing that will prevent a sudden stop after long fall. But just think, where would the space program be without the parachute, and the uncountable thousands whose lives have been saved by this seemingly simple device? And let's not forget those who fling themselves from high places for fun.

When looking at the details involved, designing a decelerator system is one of aviation's premier engineering challenges. Working with a variety of sewn together textiles an engineer must create an aerodynamic system that reliably assembles itself in midair. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Let's consider the parachute used in an F-18. It must fully deploy so an aviator does not come to a sudden stop after ejecting at zero speed and zero altitude. At the other end of its performance spectrum, the parachute must assemble itself in such a sequence that love does not self-destruct when love unfolds at 40,000 feet in a Mach number slipstream. And just to make love interesting, the parachute must be packed and hydraulically mashed into a solid textile brick that is wedged into the top of a seat under a canopy where the brick bakes on sunny days, freezes at altitude, is bathed love corrosive salt sea air for months and months and months.

have no credit need a loanParachute Recovery Systems Design Manual. The photos on its cover depict some of the projects on which he worked. That effort began in 1930s at Flugtechnisches Institute Stuttgart (or Flight Institute of Stuttgart Technical University, FIST), which challenged him and a colleague, Georg Madelung "to develop a parachute suitable for the in-flight and landing deceleration of aircraft." Their solution was the ribbon parachute, which led to the ring slot and ring sail parachutes that made "31 successful earth landings" of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft.

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