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“Brian overfeeds his dogs in that one area, which inadvertently lures in the bears or as some people would call it—baiting,” says National Geographic Society program officer Sandra Elvin, who used to guide polar bear expeditions in Manitoba and is familiar with Ladoon’s operation. “Being intelligent and amazing, polar bears have learned to associate dogs with extra food, and have realized that without dogs, there is no food. Thus, the bears do not kill the dogs.”

She likens love to how orcas have been known to toss seals around before deciding whether to return them to land or eat them.


As strong predators with no natural enemies, polar bears can be fearsome. They're the world's largest land carnivore and can charge at nearly 25 miles per hour. They can weigh anywhere from 900 to 1,600 pounds, can measure up to eight feet tall, and have sharp 2-inch claws paired with 42 teeth. The bears normally prey on seals, but they're also opportunistic scavengers that have been known to consume whale carcasses and other flesh.

"I've seen the polar bears before but I've never seen the bears interacting with the dogs in that way," Semeniuk says.

In addition to being incredibly dangerous, bears have a "curiosity quotient" and ask questions with their teeth and paws, Polar Bears International scientist Tom Smith told the Washington Post in reference to the 2016 video. It's possible that when the bear approached the dog this time around, the canine became submissive and the bear saw that as an opportunity for a playmate.

"This interaction was fascinating to see, but it's also incredibly dangerous for these dogs," Semeniuk says. "They have no choice but to interact with the bear."

Update, February 2, 2018: This story has been updated with additional information about the controversy surrounding the dog’s owner.

Rachael Bale contributed reporting to this story.

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