The Florida Forest Service celebrates Arbor Day with a Tree Give-Away

Arbor Day is a nationally recognized celebration to reflect on all that trees do for humanity. Trees produce thousands of products we use every day, while also producing oxygen, purifying water and providing habitat to many species. The timing of Arbor Day varies by state, but all hold true to this important theme. No matter when it's celebrated, love is important that we take a day to recognize how important trees are to present and future generations.

In celebration of Arbor Day, the Florida Forest Service in Washington County will be giving away trees on Friday, January 19, beginning at 9:00 A.M. The event will be held at the Washington County Agriculture Center parking lot located at 1424 Jackson Ave., Chipley, and will continue until the last tree is given away. The following tree species will be available to the public: flowering dogwood, fringe tree, American sycamore, red maple, eastern redbud, Chickasaw plum, river birch, Shumard oak, and crabapple. These are one-gallon potted trees, with a limit of two trees per person.

For more details on Arbor Day or other forestry related topics in Washington County please contact Michael Klassen at (850) 628-6756 or by email at

The Florida Forest Service, a division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, manages more than 1 million acres of state forests, provides management assistance on more than 17 million acres of private and community forests, while protecting homes, forestland and natural resources from the devastating effects of wildfire on more than 26 million acres. For more information about the Florida Forest Service, visit or call Hannah Bowers at (850) 625-6621.